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Computer-Generated Illustration

bridesCreated in Illustrator

dog artCreated in Illustrator

bridgeCreated in Illustrator

ponyCreated in Illustrator

daveCreated in Illustrator

superbenCreated in Illustrator

dolphin sunsetCreated in Photoshop

dolphin butterfliesCreated in Photoshop


Created in Photoshop


Created in Flash


Created in Photoshop


Created in Flash


Created in Photoshop


Created in Stratavision 3D


Created in Photoshop


Breast Cancer Painted Plates

Hand-Drawn Illustration
bookAArt Print bookAArt Print bookAArt Print bookAArt Print

bookAChildren's Book Page

bookCChildren's Book Page

bookEChildren's Book Page

bookXChildren's Book Page

cornCreated with Conte Crayon

rottweilerCreated with Micron Pens

rottweiler with shoeCreated with Micron Pens

eagleCreated with Colored Pencil

dolphin1Painted for Virginia Beach

dolphins 2 and 3Painted for Virginia Beach

mural artPainted Wall Mural

paintingsConte Crayon, Oils, Pastels

pooh bearCreated with Colored Pencil

seahorseCreated with Colored Pencil

tigerCreated with Ballpoint Pen

turtleCreated with Micron Pens


about me web design illustration graphic design animation contact me
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